Better Carer App

Better Carer App (BCApp)

There are many challenges facing ASD caregivers. From financial constraints, to knowledge acquisitions, retention and applications, to arguing with loved ones over some (unproven) interventions that were yet to yield results, to loving and caring for the ASD kids. It is more than a full time job. It requires community support and the understanding of everyone outside of the community.

This BCApp we developed and continue to develop has one goal. We aim to build an online community where everyone could feel safe to share their knowledge and experiences, free from judgements and marketing opportunists.

The main medium of sharing is through the use of videos. Just like YouTube videos and the use of video modeling for sharing and learning. Seasoned caregivers could record their moments of wisdom such as how they managed to get their kids to speak more or how certain methods managed to yield breakthroughs. The idea is to focus on the pragmatic aspect of caregiving that worked for them. The length of the videos should be bite sized between 100 seconds to 5 min long for easy consumption and retention.

The caregiving learners would benefit from these contributions. It should help them to have better ideas in answering some of the how, what, why of caregiving. They could consume the video just like how they consume the YouTube videos. It could, for example, help them decide if they should spend months or more money on a certain method or how to get the most out of an approach they are working on, etc.

As we take the first step to build this producer-consumer ecosystem, at some point, perhaps 1 or 2 years later, we will bring in the monetisation aspect of the system. At this moment, everything, including the streaming of content, etc are all covered by the project grant. The aim is to sustain this entire better carer community through a self-sustaining model. Consumption of the content can be made with a token sum and producer of the content will be rewarded through a token sum for their effort. The demand for right and useful knowledge will determine the consumption demand which will drive the supply of the content. The quality such as how practical and useful are the video tips from the producers of the content is linked back to the demand of the content. The success of such approach has been proven in the past through long tail business cases. Now, the question is - how much are we willing to share as a community?

The first initial releases are the minimal viable form of BCApp. The planned future releases include a gamification component. This gamification component forms a close loop experience for our carers. It will be a feature that makes BCApp unique. Users will be able to experience interactive content/training methods that are aligned with how the brains learn while having fun thus making learning more effective and retainable. Our wish is to work with our community, while riding on future media and advanced technology (e.g. behavioral insights, ecological momentary assessments, artificial intelligence), to make this an app that might be prescribed and recommended by healthcare professionals to all ASD carers as an evidence based, effective platform to get help. Starting from the caregivers and evolve to those lifes they touched.

If all works well, this model should address some of the challenges facing the ASD community and allow for potential future growth.

Below are some of the screen shots of the BCApps. At this moment, testing and usage of the apps is only by invitation. Please send your request directly via the contact page. For those who attended our events and agreed to be on our mailing list, we would send you the link to complete a survey and download the app.

Thank you.